Miami Beach Vs. South Beach

Miami Beach Vs. South Beach

New-comers are often confused by the difference between Miami Beach and South Beach. “Am I going to Miami Beach or South Beach?”
“South Beach” is actually a neighborhood within the city of “Miami Beach.” The city of Miami Beach is an island divided in to 5 primary neighborhoods. In order from north to south those neighborhoods are: Bal Harbor, Surfside, North Beach, Mid Beach, and the ever-famous South Beach. South Beach is generally considered to be everything south of 24th Street. See below:

All, As the covid-19 situation continues to develop Pub Crawl Miami will be cancelling crawl events on a week-by-week basis in accordance with the most recent government policies and venue availability. We expect most cancellations to be determined by end-of-day Monday each week. Weekly event cancellation notices will be sent directly to attendees via email along with a confirmation of refund.
If you already know that you need to cancel a reservation for a future event date please use the Eventbrite cancellation request link, or you can also message us directly with your reservation details through the website contact form.
In the mean time stay safe, and stay tuned!
Cheers and thanks.

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