Understanding “Light” Beer

Understanding “Light” Beer

“Whats with all the light beer? Why is it so popular here?”

Heard it a thousand times: The old joke goes “Light beer is like having sex in a canoe… It’s f***ing close to water!”

Sure the flavor is somewhat more mild, but the common misconception about American light beer is that “light beer” = low alcohol content of around 2% – 2.5%. Beers of this variety do still exist in some countries, however it’s a bit different in the USA. While it’s true that “light” beer may have slightly lower alcohol content (about 0.4% lower), the primary difference is that it actually on average contains 33% fewer calories, and 50% fewer carbohydrates! And this is the real reason why it’s called “light” beer here.
Let’s do the math:
6 regular lager beers x 150 calories = 900 calories
6 “light” beers x 100 calories = 600 calories
A night out can easily put a person 1000+ calories (or 50%) over the normal recommended daily caloric intake. Our best guess is that the average able-bodied Miami local goes out drinking an average of 3-4 nights per week, and being a rather vain (er, health-conscious) bunch, and that’s a lot of calories.
Most importantly, thanks to the “less filling” nature of “light” beer a person can drink significantly more of it (for much longer) without ever feeling uncomfortably full, tired, or bloated, and that’s a BIG advantage. Try it.

All, As the covid-19 situation continues to develop Pub Crawl Miami will be cancelling crawl events on a week-by-week basis in accordance with the most recent government policies and venue availability. We expect most cancellations to be determined by end-of-day Monday each week. Weekly event cancellation notices will be sent directly to attendees via email along with a confirmation of refund.
If you already know that you need to cancel a reservation for a future event date please use the Eventbrite cancellation request link, or you can also message us directly with your reservation details through the website contact form.
In the mean time stay safe, and stay tuned!
Cheers and thanks.

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