Best Pizza In Miami – Slice of Heaven by the Beach

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Best Pizza In Miami – Slice of Heaven by the Beach

Best pizza in miami

Top 5 Pizza Restaurants in Miami Beach: A Slice of Heaven by the Beach

When it comes to satisfying comfort food, few dishes can compare to a mouthwatering slice of pizza. In Miami Beach, a city known for its vibrant culinary scene, you’ll find a variety of pizza restaurants serving up delicious pies with unique flavors and styles. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Neapolitan, New York-style, or innovative toppings, Miami Beach has something to please every pizza lover. Here are our picks for the best pizza in Miami Beach.

Lucali – Website
Address: 1930 Bay Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Lucali is a local favorite that has gained a cult following for its simple yet extraordinary pizza. Located in Sunset Harbour, this cozy and intimate pizzeria offers thin-crust pies with a perfect balance of flavors. Their signature Margherita pizza, topped with fresh mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes, and basil, is a classic choice that never disappoints. The cozy ambiance and mouthwatering pies make Lucali a must-visit for pizza enthusiasts.

Mister 01 – Website
Address: 1680 Michigan Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Mister 01, also known as O1 Pizza, is renowned for its creative and Instagram-worthy pizza creations. This trendy pizzeria takes pizza to a whole new level with their innovative toppings and combinations. From the crowd-favorite Nutella pizza for dessert to savory options like the Truffle Pizza with truffle cream, mozzarella, and mushrooms, each pie at Mister 01 is a work of art. Prepare to be impressed by the unique flavors and presentation of these gourmet pizzas.

Address: 1680 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Visa-O1, a sister restaurant to Mister 01, brings its own magic to the Miami Beach pizza scene. Located on bustling Collins Avenue, this stylish pizzeria offers a range of mouthwatering pizzas that cater to different tastes. Whether you opt for the classic Margherita or venture into their specialty pies like the Regina with prosciutto, arugula, and shaved Parmesan, you’ll be treated to an unforgettable pizza experience. Pair your pie with a craft beer or a refreshing cocktail for the perfect dining experience.

Spris Artisan Pizza – Website
Address: 731 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Situated on the iconic Lincoln Road, Spris Artisan Pizza serves up delicious Neapolitan-style pizza in a lively and vibrant setting. Their thin-crust pies are made with fresh ingredients and cooked in a wood-fired oven, resulting in a delightful combination of flavors and textures. From the classic Margherita to the flavorful Diavola with spicy salami, each pizza at Spris is a testament to their commitment to quality and authenticity.

Piola – Website
Address: 1625 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Piola is a casual and family-friendly pizzeria that has been delighting pizza lovers in Miami Beach since 1999. With its extensive menu featuring a variety of pizza options, there’s something for everyone at Piola. From the traditional Caprese pizza to the inventive Brasileira topped with hearts of palm and Catupiry cheese, the flavors at Piola are sure to satisfy your pizza cravings. The laid-back atmosphere and friendly service make it a great spot for a casual meal with friends or family.

Are These The Best Pizza in Miami Beach?

Miami Beach’s pizza scene is as diverse and vibrant as the city itself. Whether you’re craving a classic Margherita or seeking adventurous flavor combinations, these top five pizza restaurants will leave you craving more. So, grab a slice, savor the flavors, and indulge in the deliciousness that Miami Beach has to offer.

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